You are probably wondering what a digital marketing plan is and why it matters for the online growth of your business.

There is so much trendy news online that it can be difficult to determine if the information can help your company. But before we go any further, I will explain what digital marketing plan is not.

  • It is not a social media thing, but it does help communicate your business goals through social networking.
  • It is not a search engine optimization (SEO) thing, but it will help you find ways to drive organic and paid traffic to your website.
  • It is not a “Viral Marketing” thing, but it will help your company develop social buzz for your organization.

A digital marketing plan is a roadmap that explains how your company will use online marketing channels by outlining the strategic goals that your marketing team can measure and optimize for the online growth of your business.

The goal of creating an effective digital marketing plan is to save your marketing team money and time by removing the guesswork from your advertising and marketing strategy that eliminates business stagnation.

But the online growth of your business will depend on what objectives fit the needs of your company and which digital networks you plan to use.

The world of digital marketing is vast. It is easy to get lost in the beginning process of implementing an online marketing strategy. We plan to provide you with five reasons why a digital marketing plan will help your company reach online growth success.

The main objective of this article is to provide you with information to help you develop a better understanding of the importance of a digital marketing plan.


A Digital Marketing Plan Will Help You Save Money

Saving money is important for any business. But, how can a digital marketing plan help save your company money?

Think about how you currently advertise your business. It isn’t uncommon for company owners to print out flyers, place advertisements in local newspapers, and rent space on a billboard.

Those three traditional advertising methods help keep your brand at the top of people’s mind, but they are almost impossible to track performance.

What if there were a way that you could measure the performance of every advertising dollar your company spends?

Well, you are in luck. A digital marketing plan will help you find online channels that relate to your company. You will be able to determine what objectives are important and implement a reporting system to track the progress of your marketing efforts.

For example, Facebook is the biggest social network in the online world. The platform allows marketing teams to create custom audiences around their marketing campaign.

You can develop a landing page that includes an opt-in to build an email list and use Facebook’s Ad Manager to attract potential customers and funnel them to your website site.

You will be able to track the actions of website visitors by using a piece of code to determine if people are converting and create retargeting campaigns to keep people coming back.

Unlike other traditional marketing tactics, your marketing team will be able to optimize digital advertisements with data you collect from the online traffic. This will help your team uncover key performance indicators to maximize your return on investment and save your company money.


A Digital Marketing Plan Will Help You Stop Wasting Time

Time is too valuable to waste. But, how can a digital marketing plan save your company from wasting all that precious time?

One of the most common reasons that owners waste time is by not defining clear marketing goals for their business. Most marketing objectives are too broad and offer no clear way to track and analyze.

Using a digital marketing plan will allow your marketing team to develop SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-oriented for your business. Each goal will act as guides that ensure your marketing campaign is successful.

For example, maybe one of your goals is to increase product sales. If you were to just track the sale of products, you may miss hidden opportunities to determine what products are performing better than others.


A SMART Goal could be:

Goal: I want to generate more leads.

Specific: I will acquire ten potential clients for my consulting business.

Measurable: I will measure my progress by how many potential clients convert while maintaining my current client base.

Attainable: I will ask clients for referrals, launch a display marketing campaign and network with local businesses.

Relevant: Contracting new clients for my business will allow me to increase my revenue and increase business growth.

Time-Based: I will have ten new clients within six months.



I will contract ten new clients for my consulting business within six months by asking clients for referrals, launching a display marketing campaign, and networking with local businesses. This will increase my revenue and continue business growth.

SMART Goals will help businesses save time by creating clear and concise marketing objectives that your marketing team. This will help you stop wasting time and optimize the growth of your business.


A Digital Marketing Plan Will Help You Reduce Stress

Stress will always kill the momentum of your business. But, how can a digital marketing plan allow your company to reduce stress?

Many companies build tension and stress when they are not sure why their business isn’t growing. Money management can often lead to making tough choices that may require a business to downsize and require current employees to take on additional tasks.

This can result in a lot of frustration that could cause people to leave your company.

Developing a digital marketing plan will help your team determine areas that are working and locate ways to improve company performance. This will help the outline strategic objectives that your team can monitor and measure.

For example, you may see that most of your traffic is coming from Facebook, but online users are not finding your website through the search engine.

Your team can conduct a website audit to find ways to optimize each page and improve the search rank of your website.

Defining each marketing objective will allow you to continue building momentum for your company and keep your team motivative as they analyze and optimize the online performance of your business.


A Digital Marketing Plan Will Help You Remove the Guess Work

How frustrating is it when you guess something is working? But, how can a digital marketing plan help your company take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy?

Developing a digital marketing plan will help clear up your business objectives. We already understand the importance of SMART Goals and improving the performance of your company’s website, but we still don’t know the location of our optimal audience.

You could spend money on search engine and Facebook advertisements, but is that the location of your potential customer base?

Also, how do we know which message aligns best with online users to entice them to engage? This is where a digital marketing plan begins to shine.

From the start, you need to take a microscope to understand your business. You will be able to identify the strengths and weakness of your company.

You will also outline where the best opportunities are and potential threats your business will have to overcome.

Creating a SWOT analysis will help you develop customer personas that connects their wants to products you offer.

Customer personas will help you determine if there are any gaps in the marketplace that your company can take advantage of.

You will also be able to track each persona type to determine which aligns best with your products.

Over time, you will be able to identify who your optimal customer base is and continue to find new ways to tap into new customer segments.


A Digital Marketing Plan Will Help You Avoid Business Stagnation

Every business plateaus. But, how can a digital marketing plan reduce business fatigue to continue company growth?

Your entire plan to develop a successful online marketing strategy all comes down to tracking results and optimizing performance. A common issue that companies face is not implementing a time frame around their marketing objectives. Even if your company does, it is just as important to determine what to focus on as your business grows.

Using a digital marketing plan will help you analyze all of your marketing data within timetables that continues to push your business forward. If you don’t know what is working and who your marketing campaign is resonating with, then it is almost impossible to find new opportunities.

Thus, causing stagnation throughout your company.

You will be able to create strategic online marketing objectives that focus on growing the online presence of your business.

At the end of each marketing campaign, you will be able to analyze and determine what Is working and uncover areas to improve.

Each improvement will bring your company closer to reaching its fullest potential in the shortest time.

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