Learn how social media marketing for small business owners is changing the way local companies advertise. As the business world begins to take over social media, more and more attention is being paid to the actual effectiveness of social media when it comes to its relationship with small business owners.  While you see many different companies using Facebook and Twitter successfully, there is still a lot to be said for the social media giants and their relationship with smaller local businesses in terms of getting their brand out there and using social media to find and retain customers.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners

In order to understand the positive effects of social media marketing for small business owners, it’s important to understand social media at its core.  In terms of its role, social media is a free spot that you can use to get your name out there.  Social media channels connect people with each other to allow friends and loved ones to communicate and interact through these online communities. As such, introducing a business’ profile to a social giant like Facebook allows for small businesses to get the word out about their products and services with people that wouldn’t normally know about it.

Think about it like an old-fashioned ad in a newspaper.  Placement is important, but just being in the paper gets your business name seen by more eyes than normal.  Social media is today’s version of a newspaper and it allows people to get to know a local business and see how it could positively impact their lives when used properly. This is why it is important to understand social media marketing for small business owners.

Local businesses don’t often get a chance to introduce themselves to people near the storefront without putting a lot of money into unique marketing techniques, which is why social media is so fresh and unique.  You get access to all sorts of eyes and personalities and it’s free to broadcast your profile to anyone in the local area.  The key then becomes getting the right connections to interact with the network properly.  Today, social networking is the most important type of communication to get your brand out there for the neighborhood to see. Learn how social media marketing can help your business attract more customers.

Facebook Marketing for Small Business Owners

All that said, let’s take a look at social media marketing for small business owners a little closer, using Facebook as the main component.  The key to Facebook is that you’ve got a lot of eyes waiting for you. The tricky part is getting to them to see your message. Businesses should focus on their profile photo, cover photo, and the idea that their content should be as current and engaging as possible.  Social media success for small business owners means using these photos and the rich, fresh content, to draw in eyes that are going to share the content that a business posts to their social circle.




  • Lots of competition
  • Organic reach is limited


Instagram Marketing for Small Business Owners

Instagram introduces a business to the fact that you can say a lot with photos.  The point, however, is to focus on choosing the right photos and putting them in the right blend with the rest of your marketing tools.  When looking to put Instagram marketing to the test for your business, the focus should be on the balance of fun photos with serious, business-oriented ones. Try to blend together the serious poses amongst the fun, casual ones.



  • Less focused on content, more on photos
  • Great for easy browsing



  • Lots of focus on tags and keywords


Twitter Marketing for Small Business Owners

Another great small business social media channel is Twitter.  This social networking platform features a character limit on their messages but is great to easily interact with large networks of people with the features of retweeting and sharing content for your business. This is a great tool to consider due to the fact that it’s optimized for content every single day. You will be able to connect with customers every day, or even multiple times a day with related content to your marketing, or just random content that helps users get an idea for what you support.





  • Can be difficult to stay casual in tweets


LinkedIn Marketing for Small Business Owners

In terms of a classic, understandable social network, LinkedIn can offer the right kind of feel overall for a business owner.  This is because, in terms of small business social media marketing, this is the perfect blend of personal and professional communication.  The whole purpose of this platform is to put businesses in contact with each other online and help potential employees find companies near them to market themselves as individuals.



  • Can use professional language and formal tones
  • Great for B2B networking



  • A corporate tone brings a corporate audience


Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners Success

When you’re looking at pulling all of this together, the focus becomes the idea of understanding each platform has pros, cons, and potential marketing strategies. For being successful, the ideal small business digital marketing strategy should be unique to each platform. The local business should focus on which platforms are going to get them their preferred age group (LinkedIn vs Snapchat, for example, bring different demographics) and make sure they are marketing themselves to those individual markets.  Knowing your audience and using each platform to reach them effectively will play an important role in getting your name and brand out there for customers.

The other key point with social media is to focus on the fact that it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, it’s growing rapidly every single day with new users and fantastic components.  The sooner that you break into this online world with your local business and all of its perks, the sooner you’ll start to grab the attention of people online and encourage them to come to your store. Over time, you will be able to develop a loyal customer following that will act as brand ambassadors for your company to continue to reach new customers.







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