When a business tries to create a social media presence that customers love, they tend to over think their social media strategy. Business owners think that they need high-end video cameras and expensive DSLR cameras in order to develop rich content for social media. The truth is content for your business does not have to be super professional. Content that feels raw and real is the best way to create a social media presence the customers love.

It is important that a business understands how to create a social media presence that customers love. Social networks allow small business owners to build a community that invites customers to have meaningful conversations, share feedback, and share information about your business with their friends and family. There are not too many things that are free in this world, but social media is. Social media platforms provide an atmosphere that allows people to communicate in the digital world. Each social network offers a different user experience and will play an important role when deciding with social media platform works best.

If you are a business owner who would like to create a social media presences that customers will love, then you in the right place. This article will help provide steps that you can take to grow your social media footprint. You will learn the importance of social media clout and why you are missing out if your business is not using social media. Social media will take time to establish and grow. But if you do it right, your business will create a social media presence your customers love.

What attracts a customer to love a social media presence?

How you ever thought about what attracts a customer to love a social media presence? Why do any of us use social media in the first place? Isn’t social media just a trendy buzzword that will fade away? Social media may be considered a buzzword, but social networking is not going away anytime soon. Think about it for a moment. Why do people use social media? Social media platforms allow people to connect in large groups and share information with friends and family. One could argue that social networking is social communication 2.0. What allows social media to be such a powerful platform is the ability to engage with anyone, anywhere, at any time. How cool is that?

Think about that for a second. How hard was it in the past to provide information about your business across the world? Before the rise of the internet, it was almost impossible for a small business owner to get the word out about their product across their state, much less around the world. Social media to take the power of the internet, and develop an online community that people can join and be a part of. People are able to get in contact with lost friends and family members and learn about information happening around them. The ability to communicate with whoever, whenever, wherever is part of what attracts a customer to love a social media presence.

Understanding how to use social media for your business is crucial to building online success. Each social media platform is different. Business owners often treat every social network the same. The problem with this mindset is that your company is not providing value to the online world. Think about a company you like and check out their social media accounts. You will notice that each social media account provides different content for each profile. Understanding how to use each social network is the second part of what attracts a customer to love a social media presence.

Building a Social Media Presence that Attracts Customers

Building a social media presence that attracts customers will start with your social profile. The profile of your social media account will act as the face of your company. Your profile image should represent your business efficiently. Using a logo will help customers relate to your business. Each social network has a unique header image to help develop a unique style for your brand. The header image can work as a space to showcase exclusive promotions your company offers or a way to establish an emotional relationship with your customers. Each social network should represent your brand by using the same profile and header image. By keeping everything the same, your company will begin building a social media presence that attracts customers.

The way people browse the internet for information is changing. In the past, an online user would use their computer or laptop at home or in their office to search for information. Mobile devices are taking over. A handheld smartphone is the first place a person turns to when they are looking for information. If your company does not have an online presence, then you could be missing the opportunity to attract new customers. Social media profiles help connect customers to a business by showing up in the local search results and being visible where their customer’s hangout.

Your company will need to make sure that each profile is complete. Each social network offers a company description area that provides information about the business. It is important to use the description area effectively. Be sure to keep the description short while providing key points of what problems your company solves. Providing the business location and contact information will help people find the location of your business. Be sure to add the hours of operations and include the services your business offers. the information on your business profile should be up-to-date and match the information of the search engine directory listings. Following this information with help you continue building a social media presence that attracts customers.

Grow Your Social Media Presence With Content

It is easy to grow your social media presence with content. Your company will need to develop a content calendar. A content calendar is an outline that a company uses to maintain a consistent presence on social media. A content calendar is a great way to connect your in-store promotions with your online audience. A typical content calendar provides a 30-day schedule that explains where and when content will be shared online. Companies can develop complex content calendars around seasonal promotions that run a full season cycle, or throughout a holiday event. It will be up to you to determine the best way to grow your social media presence with content.

Developing the right type of content will help you grow your social media presence. Each social media platform is different and will require different types of content. Facebook is a great place for short videos, images, and text that allows people to stay current with your offering. Instagram is designed to be like an image gallery. This is a great way to showcase images of products through pictures or short videos. Twitter is quite noisy and is like a stock ticker of headlines. Information rapidly floods social feeds and can be difficult to keep up with. The goal of Twitter is to drive a conversation with links and articles you share. Understanding how each social media platform works will help grow your social media presence with content.

How you capture your content will play an important role to grow a social media presence. It will all depend on the type of industry your business relates to. Video content is the best way to attract peoples attention online. We all have a professional video camera at our waist side called a smartphone. Most modern smartphones can take 4k video. With a simple tripod, you can set up your phone to record in-office videos throughout the day. If you are camera shy, snapping pictures of the daily operations around the office is a great way to attract people. It is important to remember that most people don’t know what your day to day operations involve. Personalized visual content will help you grow a social media presence that attracts customers.

Social Networking Will Ignite Your Social Media Presence

Social networking will ignite your social media presence by connecting with industry influencers to reach more people online. Influencers allow your company to reach new audiences that never heard about your business. It is worth mentioning that you should spend time watching how people talk about brands they like. Social conversations will allow business owners to develop a list of key industry influencers to help reach larger audiences. Receiving a testimonial from a key influencer can help legitimize your business and provoke customers to learn how your business can help solve their problems.

Connecting with similar brands within your industry will help ignite your social media presence. A company cannot attract customers using social media without a target audience and social connections. Social connections are people who can vouch for your authenticity and credibility. The best way to start connecting with the right audience is to begin connecting with people that you already know. Business owners can use the search bar in each social network to find other professionals they may know. Who knows, they may be interested in developing cross-promotion conversations to help each brand grow their social media presence.

Learning how to search for people you know on each social network will help grow your social media presence. By connecting with each other online, you will be able to start a conversation to find opportunities to help each other grow online. Key influencers are a great way to save your company time building an online audience. Some industry influencers may want money in exchange for a shoutout through their network or to guest blog on their site. The important idea to take away from this article is that growing a social media presence that attracts customers is not a race. Your social media strategy should be well

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