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Our team is ready to learn about the needs of your business and will help you grow an online presence your customers will love.

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What do you need to get started?

Once you contact us, we will begin reviewing your current online presence. We will lay out a base of your current online activity so we can determine if each online strategy is working. We welcome you to provide us with as much information about your company as possible. This will help us refine a online marketing strategy that is unique to your business.

What should I expect?

Depending on which service you use will determine our approach to launching the marketing campaign. Typically there is a 3 to 5 day loading time to allow us to work together to develop smart goals around your marketing campaign. We recommend developing a three to a six-month online campaign. This will help you collect enough online data to uncover key preformance indocators.

Am I locked into any contract?

You are never locked into a contract. We allow you to opt out of an agreement at any time. You will have 30 days to notify us that you are canceling your service. Once you cancel, we will halt all online advertising and figure up what had been spent depending on when you cancel.

How do I know if my advertisements are work?

You will receive reports that show the performance of your ads. You will be able to determine if the marketing campaign is meeting the needs of your business. We will work with you to make recommendations to ensure that you are reaching the right target audience.

What happens if digital marketing doesn't help me?

If you feel that any of our digital marketing services are not working for you, you will be able to cancel without paying any pro-rated prices. We will only charge you for what you paid for. We do recommend that you allow time for the marketing campaign to work. Online marketing takes time to work due the process of collecting data. 

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