What are 3 ways to get started with Facebook marketing? Like it or not, Facebook is the biggest social media network. With a user base that exceeds 2.2 billion worldwide users, Facebook continues to see rapid growth year after year.

Facebook provides business owners with great opportunities to directly communicate with their customers. Company owners can gain a deeper understanding of what their customers like or don’t about their products. Owners can build trust and loyalty by allowing customers to communicate directly with the company.

Let’s take a deeper look at 3 ways to get started with Facebook marketing for your business.


Create a Facebook presence customer’s love


Facebook marketing is still new to the business world. A lot of major corporations are beginning to shift their attention to Facebook for promoting their products. Company competition continues to increase throughout Facebook’s platform.

There is still time for local businesses to use Facebook to begin building a social following.


Facebook Marketing Tip 1: Hosting Contests


Everyone loves a contest, so why not create one on Facebook. Contests may require people to like the Facebook page or share a post with their social following. The point of a contest is to give back to loyal customers and reach new customers.

When people share content from your page with their social following, your store gets more exposure by people referring your business with their personal following. Social shares will help reach potential customers and invite them to visit your store.

Developing a Facebook contest doesn’t require a lot of resources. In fact, contests are one of the easiest ways to improve customer performance for your business. You start by creating an offer, provide details about how online users can interact and include when the contest is over.


What to offer for a Facebook contest?


This is a common question that we hear a lot. To be honest, many business owners tend to over think Facebook contests. A social contest shouldn’t take extensive time to create and implement. Let us walk you through the process.

The first place you want to start is to determine what the prize will be. Offering an exclusive discount or a gift card is a great place to start. It is quick and doesn’t require a lot of time to create. Also, everyone loves free money and discounts.

The second step is to determine how long you plan to run the contest. Maybe it is a two-week content or a monthly giveaway.

Regardless of the time frame, it is important to include the end date of your contest to let your followers know when they can expect the drawing for the winner to take place.

The third step is to post your contest. Okay, this is a no-brainer, but remember to post the contest during a time that your customers are online. Be sure to analyze the audience data of your Facebook page to determine when people are actively engaging with your content.


But what if you don’t have much data?


It can be difficult for new Facebook page owners to use effective analytical page data to determine the behavior of your social following. A good rule of thumb is to analyze your competitors to determine when they are posting, and which posts get the most engagement.

A nifty trick is to boost your post about two to four hours after publishing content. This will help build organic momentum that will help Facebook’s algorithm reach similar audiences. It will cost you $1 to $5 dollars but will ignite the reach of your content.


Facebook Marketing Tip 2: Promoting Posts


There are a lot of reasons why a company may want to boost a Facebook post. Maybe it is to gain traffic to a company contest as we talked about previously. It may also be for a flash sale or an upcoming event that you want customers to know about.

The most important thing to remember about boosting a post is that it should be focused on driving customer acquisition and retention for your business.

One of the best features for boosting a post is that owners can drill down who sees the post. If you are a local business, you can set a radius around your post so that only people around your store location will see your post.

This is a great way to allow your community to learn about who you are and what your business has to offer.

You can also determine what type of person sees your post. You can select gender-specific audiences and include unique behaviors and interests of those people. These options will help you target the exact customer you are looking for that matches the target audience for your business.


Facebook Marketing Tip 3: Use the Facebook Ad Manager


Advertising on Facebook goes much further than boosting a published post. You can develop brand awareness ads for more complex campaigns. Facebook’s Ad Manager is a very powerful tool that will allow business owners to get their message out to their target audience.


Facebooks Ad Manager is broken down into three sections.


The first section is designed for customer acquisition and retention. Reach ads help businesses find new customers who share the same interests of your company. Brand awareness ads help businesses keep their brand on the top of your customer’s mind.

The second section helps generate leads for your business. Perhaps you want people to join your mailing list or inform people about new products and services your company offers on your website. Traffic ads can accomplish this goal.

You have the ability to direct online users to your website to opt-in into your company’s newsletter or to receive promotional deals.

You can develop ads to get people to like your Facebook page or engage with content that you post. You can develop video ads that focus on gaining as much view time as possible. The main takeaway from this step is to provide information to educate customers about your company.

The third section is all about generating conversions. The idea is that your customers are ready to buy so you want them to visit your business ASAP.

The conversion option focuses on driving sales for your company. If you offer products online, you can use the catalog sales option to focus on items that you place in your Facebook store.

Maybe your store only offers products from the physical location. The Store Location option allows you to focus on traffic conversions by driving customers to your store location. This option is a little tricky to implement but is worth the time to figure out for your business.


Start Using Facebook Marketing for Your Business


There are several ways to use Facebook Advertising for your business. The information will help you understand the basic concept of using Facebook marketing for your business.

Please share this article with your online network if you found the information helpful and feel free to ask questions below in the comments.

You can also contact us to learn how we can help ignite your company on social media.

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