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Extrosocial is an online marketing company that helps local businesses like you discover why your competitors are outranking them ranking and how you can outrank them.

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Extrosocial offers digital marketing services that take the social experience of the local marketplace into the future and we are bringing you along. We offer local digital marketing services that are bold and different. We stand out as a leader in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and the hills of Morgantown, West Virginia who promotes engagement through the local communities.. Are you really dominate your local digital space?

Connecting with local businesses motivate us to continue revolutionizing the local marketing place. We focus our efforts on inspiring online users to build social communities around the companies they love with friends and family. We are passionate about business growth, and we take it seriously. Growth means different things to different company owners. Extrosocial believes growth is a bond to help clients, partners, and enthusiasts work together to achieve success.

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Social Media Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization

Web Design & Branding

We Are A Internet Marketing Company You Can Trust

Internet marketing doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it is quite easy. Your company already offers something that customers love. We help you take the in-store experience and connect the conversation to the digital world. We encourage you to learn more about Extrosocial and how we are not your typical digital marketing company.


Let’s Build A Community Together

Teamwork is the best way to solve problems. An internet marketing action plan will help align the goals of your company with digital marketing strategies that uncover KPI’s to maximize your ROI.

Our Awesome Online Marketing Blog

We are an online marketing company that wants to see you succeed. Our blog has a lot of great digital marketing advice to help point you in the right direction. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or leave a comment. We will love to help your company grow a loyal digital following.

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Common Internet Marketing Questions:


Does Social Media Really Matter?

Social media is the primary way people find information online. Did you know that there are 214 million users living in America using Facebook? To put that into perspective, there are 326 million people who live in America. This means that two-thirds of the population living in the United States use Facebook.


Isn’t Internet Marketing Expensive?

Internet marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business. Did you know that there are lots of local groups on social media that you can use to reach potential customers? Online services allow your company to scale your budget regardless of the size of your company.


Can Small Businesses Benefit From Digital Marketing?

We believe that small businesses have the advantage when using digital marketing to get the word out about their company. Owners will be able to focus on their local marketplace instead of worrying about competing throughout their state or across the nation.


How Does Digital Advertising Work?

We like to compare digital advertising to roadside billboards. Billboards span across all major highways across the world. Digital advertising is similar to billboards but spans across search engines, social networks, and websites. Digital advertising allows owners to highly target online users instead of relying on faith that people see their roadside advertisement.


Why Is Online Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing generally relies on Cost-Per-Million (CPM) strategies. CPM is difficult to measure to determine which type of marketing material works best. Online marketing allows you to measure each online community to determine which is working best. Tracking codes can collect online data and can be used to lower advertising cost over time.

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